Kernow Festival Dive Sites

Dive site map

  1. Mountamopus Reef
    Ocean diver
    Reef dive surface to 20m located off Prussia Cove.
  2. Alice Marie
    Sports diver
    At a depth of 25m and close in the bay this is a popular wreck and a great dive.
  3. Low Lee Ledges and The Primrose
    Ocean diver
    The is a nice nature trail on this site and the wreck of the Primrose still gives pleasure even though it has broken up a lot. Look around for the two cannons.
  4. Conqueror
    Ocean diver
    Just past Mousehole Trawler of 1100 Tons, Depth 20m, Sunk 1977
  5. Hellopes
    Dive leader
    A favourite dive. This wreck lies in 35m – 37m and is good all year round. Look for the Fan Coral.
  6. Mulberry Dock
    Dive leader or Advanced diver – Trimix qualification recommended
    This site is situated 1 mile SE of Mousehole and the top of the wreck is at a depth of 35m and the bottom 55m. Great way to start getting your deeper dives sorted. Fantastic sea life on a square concrete slab.
  7. The J R Park
    Trimix qualification
    45m at the top and 55m the bottom. Good Trimix dive site. Liberty Ship.
  8. Lincoln
    Sports diver
    A great wreck which is split into two. 35m at the bottom and well worth a visit.
  9. The Bucks
    Ocean diver to Advanced Diver
    Inner and Outer Bucks. Great reef dive.
    Depth from 8 m to 40 m plus on the outer rock.
  1. The Runnel Stone
    Sports diver to Advanced Diver
    Several wrecks including the very large City of Westminster.
  1. Joshua Nicolson
    Sport Diver +
    20m max wreck near the Runnelstone.
    Depth max 20 m.
  1. Logan Gully
    Sports Diver to Dive Leader
    Logan’s Gully lies off the SW tip of Logan Rock and is a very easy dive.
    Depth from 10 m to15 m.
  1. Great Row
    Ocean Diver To Sports Diver
    Reef off Praa Sands.
    Depth from 5m to 25m.

14.The Underwood
Trimix qualification
Deep Wreck Dive.
Depth from 50m+.

15.The Mystique
Dive Leader +
Small Wreck Dive.
Max depth 40m.

16.The Gin Bottle Wreck
Trimix qualification
Deep Wreck Dive.
Depth from 55m+.

17. HMS Warspite
Ocean Diver upwards, shallow
Dispersed wreckage in Prussia cove
First warship to open fire on D-Day