Kernow Festival Dive Sites

Dive site map

  1. Mountamopus Reef
    Ocean diver
    Reef dive from surface to 20m located off Prussia Cove.
  2. Alice Marie
    Sports diver
    At a depth of 25m and close in the bay this is a popular wreck and a great dive.
  3. Low Lee Ledges and The Primrose
    Ocean diver
    There is a nice nature trail on this site and the wreck of the Primrose still gives pleasure even though it has broken up a lot. Look around for the two cannons.
  4. Conqueror
    Ocean diver
    Just past Mousehole. Trawler of 1100 Tons, Depth 20m, Sunk 1977
  5. Hellopes
    Dive leader
    A favourite dive. This wreck lies in 35m – 37m and is good all year round. Look for the Fan Coral.
  6. Mulberry Dock
    Dive leader or Advanced diver – Trimix qualification recommended
    This site is situated 1 mile SE of Mousehole and the top of the wreck is at a depth of 35m and the bottom 55m. Great way to start getting your deeper dives sorted. Fantastic sea life on a square concrete slab.
  7. The J R Park
    Trimix qualification
    45m at the top and 55m the bottom. Good Trimix dive site. Liberty Ship.
  8. Lincoln
    Sports diver
    A great wreck which is split into two. 35m at the bottom and well worth a visit.
  9. The Bucks
    Ocean diver to Advanced Diver
    Inner and Outer Bucks. Great reef dive.
    Depth from 8 m to 40 m plus on the outer rock.
  1. The Runnel Stone
    Sports diver to Advanced Diver
    Several wrecks including the very large City of Westminster.
  1. Joshua Nicolson
    Sport Diver +
    20m max wreck near the Runnelstone.
    Depth max 20 m.
  1. Logan’s Gully
    Sports Diver to Dive Leader
    Logan’s Gully lies off the SW tip of Logan Rock and is a very easy dive.
    Depth from 10 m to 15m.
  1. Great Row
    Ocean Diver To Sports Diver
    Reef off Praa Sands.
    Depth from 5m to 25m.
  1. The Underwood
    Trimix qualification
    Deep Wreck Dive.
    Depth from 50m+.
  1. The Mystique
    Dive Leader
    Small wreck dive
    Max depth 40m.
  1. The Gin Bottle Wreck
    Possible Dutch East Indies ship?
    Anchors, barrels of china clay and stone gin bottles
    Trimix qualification 
    Deep Wreck Dive.
    Depth around 55m+.
  1. HMS Warspite
    Ocean Diver upwards, shallow
    Dispersed wreckage in Prussia cove
    First warship to open fire on D-Day