Kernow Dive Festival 2022


2022 Kernow Dive Festival – 11th June 2022

20th Anniversary of the Kernow Dive Festival in 2022


We are now planning the Kernow 2022 Dive Festival and the weekend of 11th June has been selected.

Details of the camp site are still to be confirmed, but the launch site and dive locations will again be at Penzance

Keep the weekend free in your calendars for 2022


(We are having a smaller festival in September 2021, and this is now available for booking).

Details of the 2022 festival will be available by the end of the year (2021).

What’s the Itinerary?

Some clubs like to make a week of it and come down the weekend before, or even stay the week afterwards!  Plenty of diving to be had and with a RIB, a number of launching options within a hour’s drive can open up some exciting dive options.

For the festival, we meet on the Friday evening at a camp site to be arranged.   Club RIBs go to pre marked sites, launching early  on the Saturday at Penzance Harbour and we have a great time diving!  Everything is organised according to the dive selections you make on your booking forms.  Saturday evening we have a massive BBQ organised by one of the local clubs and then we have fund raising raffles and auctions!

Sunday TBA– more diving for those who are able to do so!

What does it cost?   £25 per head for the Saturday & Sunday.

What does this cover?  Your diving and your BBQ!  Fuel is reimbursed for all club boats used at the festival on the Saturday – the costs of the BBQ and our minimal organisational expenses.  Over the years, we have raised many thousands of pounds for DDRC.  This year because of the emergency we have all been through, our main emphasis will be to have a great time and meet all our friends and dive buddies again!

Safety.  All diving within the BSAC Safe Diving Guidelines – Your dive choicSONY DSCes must be within your qualification and experience and this is confirmed on the booking form by your own branch diving officer.